Purpose of the Centre

We want to spread the non-religious life-changing tools of traditional Shingon Buddhism.

We aim to provide education about general Buddhism.

To be a focal-point for like-minded people

To encourage multi-cultural awareness.

Run courses and workshops to improve your life.

To support the local community.


The Centre is for all people who have an interest in Buddhism



Due to Yozen's and Kakua's  2-years training in Japan, the Centre is no longer open. 

When they return, a traditional Shingon temple will be build in Gloucestershire: the first in the UK!

In the mean time, Kogon & Kuma run two meditation groups: a Mindfulness Meditation and a Buddhist focused Meditation group.

For details, please follow this link to our Facebook site; you don't need to sign-up to FB to see it.

All welcome!!!

Yozen & Kakua    Kogon & Kuma



 email for inquiries.